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Commercial Finance and Loans

Commercial Finance

commercial finance

Commercial Finance – we’re well placed to offer you a more unique commercial finance and loans service. Our most experienced broker, Paul McKinley, has years of experience in the Automotive / Finance industries, and is a qualified Chartered Accountant to boot!

Our commercial finance service can help to ensure you have the most tax advantageous finance solution to meet your business needs. Best of all you still get our unique personalised service, tailored to your specific commercial finance needs.

Equipment Loans

  • Preservation of working capital
  • No deposit, 100% finance available1
  • Easier cash flow management
  • Tax deductable interest & depreciation
  • Balloon payments2
  • Fixed payments3
  • Ownership from the start
  • Flexibile payments
  • GST input tax credit

A Finance 48 business equipment loan enables you to preserve your business’ working capital and allows for easier cash flow management. Payments can be matched to your income and are fixed for the life of the agreement. Plus we give you the choice of payment structure – monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, annually, seasonally or irregularly. Your business will also benefit from generous tax benefits including deductable interest and depreciation. No deposit, 100% finance is available to approved customers and because you own the asset from the start of the agreement, you could be using it in 48 hours if you apply today. Commercial Finance made easy.

Examples of some of our commercial finance and equipment finance deals done in recent years include:

  • $130k for a granite polishing machine
  • $58k for a used tipper truck
  • $238k for residential and industrial gas bottles
  • $47k for a new bob-cat

Commerical Car Loans Australia

  • Preservation of working capital
  • Flexible payments to match income
  • No deposit, 100% finance available1
  • Balloon payments2
  • Competitive fixed rates
  • Insurance & Mechanical Warranties
  • Ownership from the start
  • Tax deductable interest & depreciation
  • GST input tax credit
  • Flexible terms to meet your budget!

Finance 48′s commercial finance service can assist you buying your vehicle for business use and ensure you maximise your tax benefits and minimise your repayments. We’ll help you decide on the correct commercial finance and loan facility to enable you to claim all of the GST back up-front with a full input tax credit.

Your business’ working capital can be preserved with our loans as payments are fixed for the life of the agreement and we offer flexible terms so it can be structured to meet your budget! Payments are matched to your income and we give you the choice of payment structure – monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, annually, seasonally or irregularly. Also, various insurances and Mechanical Warranties can be financed so there’s no initial cash outlay required.

Balloon payments (a lump sum payment at the end of a contract that settles the debt) can be arranged. This enables you to pay a lower monthly installment during the term of the contract and then pay a balloon payment at the end of term.

Best of all if you apply today, you own the asset from the start of the agreement (depending on the type of commercial loan facility) which means you could be driving away in 48 hours. Commercial Finance made as easy as it should be.

Can’t decide between a number of different makes and models?

Ask us about our unique Finance 48 Vehicle Analysis Model (“VAM”)

We can compare, side-by-side, any make and model of car to another (or as many as you need!) Want to compare safety features (eg number of air bags), fuel consumption, boot storage capacity, acceleration statistics, etc. We can do it all for you, in a detailed, side-by-side analysis.

Want to know what the different makes and models are projected to be worth in 5 years time with 100,000km’s? What about 4 years time with 120,000 km’s? We can show you how, and help set your residual/ balloon to keep your repayments down, and not be out of pocket at the end of the loan term.

(“Low-doc commercial finance” is also available. Just ask us how!)

Just phone one of our commercial consultants for an obligation free chat about the best finance solution we can put together for you.

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