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Buying Tips

Purchasing a car can be a major investment, we’re here to help.  From dealing with financial institutions to insurance, follow our tips to protect you, your vehicle and your wallet.

Dealing with financial institutions

Make sure you ask about all fees and charges applicable, including any establishment fees (these can usually be financed for you). Ask us about our fees.

Buying a used vehicle from a Dealer

You might consider requesting an independent mechanical inspection. Also ensure any “Contract to Buy” that you sign includes the condition that the sale is “subject to finance and satisfactory mechanical inspection.” Find out more about Finance 48′s extensive dealer network and car or bike locator service.

Buying a used vehicle from a Private Seller

You need to ensure the vehicle you are buying is free of any encumbrances (i.e. existing finance owing). You can do this on-line via www.docep.wa.gov.au/consumerprotectionOr, we will do this for you (no charge) if you choose to finance with Finance 48.

Remember, there is no 3 month statutory warranty (unlike a Dealer sale). So ask us about our mechanical warranties, for that extra piece of mind.

Mechanical Breakdown Warranties

Mechanical Breakdown Warranties (1 to 5 years) can be obtained for both Dealer and Private sales on any vehicle up to 220,000 km’s and 15 years of age. These warranties are flexible and cover such components as engine, transmission, differential, cooling system, brakes, clutch, air conditioning, etc.

A claim on your mechanical warranty will only be paid if the service history of car has been maintained in line with the manufacturer’s recommended service intervals.

NB: Some mechanical warranties lock you in to one service company – not necessarily giving you the flexibility and choice when it comes to getting a good deal on servicing your car. There are mechanical warranties available that allow you to make your own servicing arrangements.

Did you know you can now have your used motorcycle covered with a mechanical warranty?

Find out more about Finance 48′s Mechanical Breakdown Warranties.

Extension of Manufacturer’s Warranties

These extend the existing new car warranty when you buy a car that is still under warranty from the factory, and commences on expiry of the current warranty. This may be worth considering, as they give you full mechanical cover, and ensure you have no mechanical repairs to cover for (up to) 5 additional years.

Arranging Insurance

You need to be aware that it is mandatory that a vehicle under finance has full Comprehensive Insurance in place, with the finance company’s interest noted on the policy. Make sure you consider all the various options available (e.g. No Claims Bonus Protection? Windscreen Cover? Restricted Driver discount? Choice of repairer? Free hire car option?) And if you prefer to pay by the month, be aware that some companies do charge extra for this option.

Finance 48 can help you with all your insurance needs.

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Finance 48 went above and beyond normal expected service levels, and in "Going the Extra Mile", made the purchase of our 3 new vehicles effortless for us. We would highly recommend Paul and his team.
Rikki and Stewart Elsing

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